Devotions for Difficult Days

Encourage the exhausted, and strengthen the feeble.   Say to those with anxious heart, “Take courage, fear not “ Isaiah 35:3,4

“Exalting the Lord Jesus Christ and encouraging His people to trust Him, no matter the circumstance.
His glory is my singular focus.”

– Becky White

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Strength for the Weary One

Encourage the exhausted, strengthen the weary, say to those with an anxious heart, “Take courage. Fear not.” He gives strength to the weary and to him who lacks might (strength), He increases power.

God is our Refuge and Strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

Isaiah 35:3-4a   Isaiah 40:29   Psalm 46:1   NASB

It’s been said that most of us can endure just about anything as long as it’s short in duration. As long as we see a glimmer of light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. But when the light we hoped for is really an on-coming-train version of a trial or a you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me challenge, we fall to our emotional knees. Exhausted and weary. Hoping and praying for a quick ending, we suddenly realize there are no magic wands to wave away real life. Real pain. Real heartache.

If our country’s chasm-deep divide isn’t enough, if a potentially life-threatening viral pandemic isn’t enough and if financial uncertainties aren’t enough to be a recipe for flat-out weariness… throw in regular ‘ol life challenges such as relationship issues, parenting, loss, rejection, death, divorce and loneliness… The almost inevitable result – Weary. Exhausted. No strength.

Recently, I walked through just such a trial with a loved one. A trial that caused my eyes to dart about the tunnel of difficulty for a glimmer of hoped-for light. My tunnel of difficulty didn’t suddenly burst with the light of a miraculous removal of pain. As I emotionally peered into the quiet darkness of difficulty, unsure of what might lay ahead… I could “hear” my Lord’s voice speak…

He gives strength to the weary.

He encourages the exhausted.

He increases power to those who lack might.

Though I much prefer a problem-free life, that’s seldom borne out in our real-world experiences is it? And because that is the case, He lavishes His strength on us and in us. He encourages us from the inside out when there is no good reason to be encouraged, He infuses power into these power-less vessels of ours. He sustains the weary one with His very Presence.

“If it is to be a great miracle, the condition is not difficulty, but impossibility.”

Streams in the Desert

Whether your present trial is an ongoing pebble-in-the-shoe irritation, a soul-deep ache of pain or the death of _______ (You fill in the blank). His grace is sufficient. His strength is perfect. I know…You would rather He remove your pain, remove your trial. He may. But whatever He chooses – trust Him. Whatever it looks like. No matter the whispered lies of the enemy or your own mind that tells you otherwise…Trust the One Who freely gave the life of His Son on your behalf, to hold no good thing back from you.

My Father, How my heart aches at what I see and hear. Please, infuse your mighty strength into me as I speak out loud – You are good, and You are faithful.  I trust You! In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.

Written by Becky White for the Lord Jesus

What people are saying –

Becky, I don’t tell you often enough, but I really enjoy the devotions and am blessed by them.  I forwarded one to a friend who had just lost his 33 year old son.  The timing was obviously God-sent (what timing isn’t, right?  But this one I really noticed!)  Anyway, thank you!! – David L. Texas

Thank you again for always sending me what I need. Every Praise is to Our God. – Mike F.  Ohio

Thank you again for your faithful rendering of His Faithfulness.  I needed the nudge. – Ruth M. Ohio

Thank you Becky for this! Consistent trust -that’s what is needed. You are so blessed to be so eloquent with words! – Denise L.

This was such a wonderful and timely reminder. Thank you for responding to God in the way you’ve gone through the life you’ve lived in such a way that you can speak this into each of our lives.  May you continue writing for His glory.  – Helena H.

You always have such a thoughtful and meaningful way of conveying words that directs us to the Father! – Priscilla A. – Ohio

So good and so needed. Thanks Becky. Jake M. Ohio

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Only those who see themselves as utterly destitute can fully appreciate the grace of God.

Erwin W. Lutzer (1941-)

We must be born again to enter the kingdom of God, we may “do” all kinds of religious acts, but if we are not born again, we are simply lost. 

If you’re not sure of your salvation and want to confirm it in your own heart, or know for certain that you’ve never surrendered your life to Jesus Christ, please pray something like this “O God, help me! I know I am a sinner. I have broken Your law and according to Your Word, deserve hell, not heaven. Forgive me, Lord! I choose to repent (turn away from) of my sins. I believe that You paid for my sins by your death and we’re raised to life on the third day.” I give You full control of my life. I confess You as Lord. Help me to obey You, I can’t do it on my own. By faith, I receive You as my Savior and am now a blood bought child of God. Thank You! In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

These are not magic words. We either mean them or we don’t. Thankfully, our salvation doesn’t depend on our feelings. God is faithful, if we call to Him, He will answer us, if we seek Him He will be found by us!

For further assistance, please call: 

toll-free at 1-877-2GRAHAM (1-877-247-2426)?24 hours a day, seven days a week. Or click on BillyGraham

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