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Stony Paths, learning to trust Him as we walk the Stony Paths of real life – free download

10 lessons for handling trials – free download

Rest in the Shelter of His Word photo book – free download

Come Forth as Gold. $14.99 A Christ-centered approach to hardship told through the autobiographical story of Becky White. Included are life application lessons as well as devotions geared for those walking through difficult days. *contains strong language.

Book Review: This book tells of a woman’s journey that is so close to the journey my own mother took. I love how she turned to God in every situation, it was a tough life but she realized without God nothing would change, her bravery was astounding. love love loved this book and will be ordering another copy to give to a friend in a couple of weeks.
by Patricia L. Chapman

Come Forth as Gold – eBook (Also available as an eBook)

Learning to trust Him as we walk along Stony Paths$14.99 A gritty devotional that confronts the hot-mess reality of life while landing on the bedrock of the faithfulness of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word. Becky White carefully weaves bite-size readings that help us navigate what it looks like, in real-world terms to trust God. To trust His Power, His Goodness and His Wisdom – all carefully overlaid with His absolute faithfulness. Not in an artificial, snow globe form of Christianity, but when life becomes a hot-mess and the worse-case scenarios are happening all around us… When the road is blocked by boulders or the stony path has become painful to our tender feet… It’s then we find that trust in God steadies our footing and stabilizes us in the midst of the trials of life. In its pages you won’t find a guaranteed result-producing prayer. Nor will it reveal where all the magic wands are kept, wands that wave away the challenges of life. Instead, you will find Biblical hope. You will find authentic peace. And you will find purpose in the midst of your pain.

To purchase a hard copy of Stony Paths, learning to Trust Him as we walk the Stony Paths of real life, visit Lulu Publishing or Amazon.

Shelter from the Storm – 101 Messages of Authentic Hope for Difficult Times, $14.99 will remind readers that they are not alone and there is hope. Authentic hope. Not by ignoring the reality of pain but by viewing it through the lens of God’s great faithfulness.

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